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Bharat Yog is an honest effort to save the original form of yog science introduced by the Rishis of Bharat to benefit the humanity without any discrimination of caste, colour, country or sex as these Rishis have been looking at this entire universe as one abode:
“Ayam nijeh paroveiti gannam laghu chetsaam,
Uudaar charitanaam tu vasudhaiv kutumbkam.”
(This is mine and this is others’, such discrimination is the thinking of shallow thinking people, for broad hearted ones this entire universe is one great family.

Yog, contrary to the common belief, is not just a set of physical and respiratory exercises. Yog is not only about asan, pranayam or bandh, mudra and meditation. Its sphere transcends the limits of physical health, beauty or mental solace. In fact, these are the natural outcome of yogic state of being. We are grossly mistaken if we try to confine it to just being an alternate therapy or just a source of health and longevity. There are examples that ‘Bhasmantmidam shariram’ -- the physical existence of a being concludes into Bhasma i.e. ashes -- may it be after burning or burying. Even the greatest of yogis of their times, may it be Lord Krishn, Janak, Ram Krishn Paramhans, Vivekanand, Swami Dayanand or many more, had to die.

Diseases free state of being beauty and longevity besides joyful state of mind is yog. ‘Sankhya yog darshana’ (Sankhya, a philosophy of yog) says, ‘Dukh trya abhighatad jigyasa tad apghatake heto’ (the increasing pains and sorrows in the life of modern man compelled him to think for some way out to get rid of these sorrows and the sure and only answer being ‘yog’). Entire world is attracted towards it as it does not only enable us to get rid of sorrows and sickness but blesses us with sanctity and spiritual bliss.
How we face a challenge or tackle a problem is entirely on us. EVEN THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ONE IS NOT WITHOUT A PROBLEM. The trick lies in Yog.

Just being a yog practitioner one can be happy and satisfied in life. Yog touches all the levels of human life and helps in pleasant feelings and constructive images.

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