Guru Bharat Bhushanji

Social Work

Social Work
He has served the humanity through yog camps and sessions for better and longer living, for self mastery, saved innumerable lives through regular live blood bank, made the youth more powerful and strong through gymnasiums, trained the youth about where to use their power and strength and where not and has given a new direction to the youth through Sanskar Shiksha Abhiyaan and educational institutes, helped in maintaining the balance of nature and in fighting against the major problems like global warming through yagya shala, invoked the feeling of patriotism and the real love which is the love for Nation through Rashtra Vandana Mission, made the youth aware of the Indian cultural heritage through lecture demonstrations of Indian Classical Dance and Music at different educational institutes, yog training Programs for administrative institutes, police academies, military and paramilitary forces, educational assemblies, prisoners, mentally retarded & diseased people.

Yog Education

Yog Education
Guruji inherited yog from his previous birth, he doesn't remember any formal schooling in yog and so his parents, as told earlier his father told that from the very beginning of life he noticed his unusual life style that differed him form normal children. He used to wake up at 4 and practice eight fold yog. 

But from the very beginning Swami Dayanad Saraswati and Swami Vivekanand were his role models and he still adore them as his gurus. His visit to Shri Ramkrishan Paramhans's (Gurudev of Swami Vivekanand) shrine at Dakshineshwar is an unforgettable divine experience in his life. He was touched deeply with famous Chicago address of Swami Vivekanand and to his surprise he received first invitation for foreign yog trip from Chicago only.

He believes the Vedic way of yogic living and the teachings of Yogi Mahershi Dayanand are the only remedy to all social and individual human problems today. "I didn't accept the path of yog for any worldly gain but look at all worldly gains if they are helpful in yogic gains as yog itself is the ultimate gain", says Yog Guru Bharat Bhushan ji.

Studying Vedanta

Studying Vedanta
Guru ji establishes that Vedanta is the essence of Vedas the ultimate knowledge to be understood and followed through Yogic discipline that leads to self realization and the blissful state of being. It is not for a particular sect or caste but for entire humanity. 'Vedantonaam Upnishad Pramanam'. Vedanta and Upnishad at the root are one. Just to make this ultimate knowledge easy and available even to common man Smritis, Puran were introduced where ethics of spiritualism are introduced through incidents and easy stories of historical characters but in case of confrontation for fundamentals of spiritualism all followers of Vedas are bound to rely on Vedanta or Upanishads only as the religious facts in this holy text are unchangeable.
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