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Health Tips under Normal Conditions

  • Wake up early in the morning as it allows the body cycle to stay normal. An early riser always stays away from plenty of diseases especially gastric and stomach-related problems.
  • Thank Divine for allowing you to see one more morning and blessing you with all goodness. It is excellent to maintain harmony and stay out of stress.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Train yourself to attend natural calls of urine and latrine in squatting position in stead of European commode to prevent joint pains and comfortable and perfect release. F. Better to massage your gums and teeth with turmeric, salt and mustered oil and brush it later to keep the pockets free from infections and teeth from decay. You may even use brushing with neem or keekar sticks to keep teeth and gums healthy.
  • Prefer bathing with naturally cold running water and use warm water only when you apply oil massage on your body. Always begin your bath from top of the head.
  • Better practice Yog Sadhna after bath to save time and risks.
  • Rub your palms, face and even entire body and give dry massage to have proper warming up and improved circulation of blood.
  • Discharge urine after meals, dance, yog practice or gym exercises.
  • Wash your hands before taking meals and avoid spoons etc to feel favorable temperature and check that nothing favorable is eaten. Eating food with hands gives exercise to different acupressure points.
  • Avoid standing meals & drinks and prefer taking meals sitting on asana in crossed leg position.
  • Sit in Vajraasan after meal for giving additional supply of blood to gear up your digestion.
  • Prefer taking water before meals, avoid water intake during meal and never take water immediate after meals. Don't fill the stomach fully with food but leave 25% of it free for comfortable breathing and airflow.
  • Always stay cheerful at meals and thank God for the food given.
  • Have sufficient water intake after an hour of your meals. It will add harmony to your endocrine and digestive system, peace to your mind and cheer to your life.
  • Better to take liquid or semi solid eatable in your breakfast, have rich lunch and add seasonal vegetables and fruits as dinner.
  • Prefer taking evening meals before at least an hour of your bed time.
  • Wash your face, feet & hands and apply mustered oil in naval, nails & nostrils before going to bed.
  • Lie on your right side for 8 breath, straight on your back for 16 breath and left for 32 breath after meal for better digestion.
  • Never carry tensions and worries to your bed, always pray before going to bed instead and feel that I am well protected in the holy lap of Divine.
  • Always wear a sweet smile on your face and learn to meet the toughest tasks with sweetest smile.
  • Always learn to enjoy a peal of free laughter at least twice a day to have healthy lungs and free flow of blood to your face and skull.
  • Ensure that you do not take meal if you have not toiled hard to sweat at least once a day.

One Liners

  • "An individual can merge with the absolute through yoga"
  • "Disease is the disturbed state of mind'
  • "Mental peace speaks of balanced health"
  • "One can never stay healthy with unhealthy mind'
  • "We are away from peace if we live in pieces"
  • "Let's learn to live with absolute"
  • "Yog is not exercise but a stage where all exercises end"
  • "Be a friend of urself…. U'll find friends every where"
  • "Leave the external search, look at the treasure of health and wealth with in you"
  • "God gives us each morning to see what we do with it, lets live TODAY as we wish to live the whole life"
  • "Escapers do never turn champions"
  • "A yogi stands strong as true champion even in adversities"
  • "Learn to fight with mortal gains and let the inner self win"
  • "External run scatters you but introvert journey is there to synthesize."
  • "Truth and untruth can't go together"
  • "Yog maza hai saza nahi"
  • "Truth gives us peace… and untruth pain"
  • "Jo aape mein nahin vo hamesha syape mein hai"
  • Aaj ki kathor tapasya aaj ke lie vardan hai kyunki isse anek vikaron se hum bache rehte hain, kal ke lie bhi vardan hai kyunki kal aaj ki hi buniyaad par tika hai - Honest effort is blessing for present and future as well because future stands on the spine of present.
  • Urja aur prerna ke srot bano- Stay energetic and inspiration for all.
  • Don't weep, let the problems sweep
  • Self confidence and constant awareness with best utilization of time and energy is the greatest weapon to win the war of life and to attain what so ever is attainable.
  • Doodh fatne se dukhi vo hota hai jo paneer banana nahi janta - Sorrows belong to one knows no alternate way out.
  • Try to draw the best even out of the worst.
  • Sitting for hours together but sharing nothing is useless but joining for the few moments and showering with open heart and sharing the life long experience is more important.
  • Treasure of knowledge is to be invoked from with in… it can never be imposed.
  • Derive the maximum in a very short time.
  • Yog maintain a perfect balance of all-round personality.
  • Awareness, justified efforts with boldness and clear vision definitely bear encouraging results.
  • Every birth day should be a day of new resolutions and new horizons.
  • Saamne vale ke krodh ko bhi haas me badal kar halka v rochak bana do - Win the anger and hatred with love and laughter.
  • Manushya jaha chahe ekagra ho sakta hai - Man can concentrate wherever he wants.
  • Self confidence is the biggest asset… over confidence is the worst.
  • Aaj ki tapasya… jeevan bhar ka ananda - Today's struggle is the foundation of the joy forever.
  • Never ever compare yourself to the ordinary if you wanna be special.
  • 'Na dainyam na palayanam- Never be helpless nor an escaper"
  • Bhatkava aur bhavukta- dono sthiti mein lakshya hamare hath se chhoot jata hai- Diversions and passions lead us off the goal.
  • Whenever you feel lost, distracted, inconstant… just sit in stability and meditate in him… soon you'll find light as well as way… both.
  • Jo hota hai hone do, ye paurush heen vachan hai. Jo hum chahenge vo hoga, In shabdo mein jeevan hai - Let it go on, are the words of coward. I shall write the destiny, are braves.
  • One can touch horizons easily with sincere efforts.
  • Best use of time and energy is the secret of rapid progress, tense free life and energetic approach in work.

Yog Community

"Yatra vishwam Bhavatyek Needam" and "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" i.e 'the entire world is a big family' is the motto behind Sadhak Sangh, the YOG COMMUNITY.

All the students of H.H.Guruji are the members of Yog Community, which keeps them updated. Bharat Yog has provided Cds for almost all ailments but still its recommended to have personal counseling in case of more than one problem.

Bharatyog on Television

By the divine blessings of H.H.Guruji "Bharat Yog" is at telecast on television since "1978".

The first ever television telecast of "Bharat Yog" was a T.V. Show named as "SWASTHA SHAREER" at "DELHI DOORDARSHAN in 1978 when there was only TV Channel in the television industry and that was DOORDARSHAN, since 1978 till today "BharatYog" is regularly at telecast at different TV Channels.

Different T.V. Shows on BharatYog are:
  • "YOG SADHNA", a regular T.V.Show at DELHI DOORDARSHAN
  • "YOG EK SEHEJ SADHNA" a documentary film on H.H.Guruji's life at DELHI DOORDARSHAN
  • "MOKSHAYATAN INTERNATIONAL", a documentary film on H.H. Guruji's Contribution in Yog Sadhna at DELHI DOORDARSHAN.
  • "TOTAL TANDURUSTI", daily T.V.Show at ZEE NEWS
  • "FIT RAHO HIT RAHO", daily T.V.Show at TOTAL TV

Apart from these regular shows of H.H.Guruji and Acharyaa Pratishtha ji, both of them are invited regularly at different T.V. Channels like INDIA TV and ZEE NEWS as the chief speakers of their subject.


  • Bharat Yog Pranayaam
  • Bharat yog for all
  • Just 20 minutes of Bharat Yog
  • Bharat Yog for Migrane
  • Bharat Yog for Hypertension
  • Bharat Yog for Hypotension
  • Bharat yog for Hair Car
  • Bharat Yog for diabetes
  • Bharat Yog for Insomnia
  • Bharat Yog for Thyroid
  • Bharat Yog for Constipation
  • Bharat Yog for Asthma
  • Bharat Yog for Back Pain
  • Bharat Yog for Cold & Cough
  • Bharat Yog for Healthy Skin
  • Bharat Yog for Anemia
  • Bharat Yog for Piles
  • Bharat Yog for Insomnia
  • Bharat Yog for Anger
  • Management Bharat Yog for
  • Depression Bharat Yog for Slipped Disc
  • Bharat Yog for Memory, wisdom & Concentration
  • Bharat Yog for Prostate
  • Bharat Yog for Eye care
  • Bharat Yog for Liver
  • Bharat Yog for Menstruation Disorder
  • Bharat Yog for Sinus
  • Bharat Yog for Kidney
  • Bharat Yog for menopause
  • Bharat Yog for Obesity (hare motapa Bharat Yog)
  • Bharat Yog for Gastric Trouble (Vaat Rog Chutkara Yog)
  • Bharat Yog for Children (Chue Gagan Hamare Bache)
  • Bharat Yog for Hernia
  • Bharat Yog for Lumber Pain
  • Bharat Yog for Indigestion

List Of Bharat Yog Meditation Cds

Bharat Yog Story Meditation (School Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Sun Meditation (Surya Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Moon Meditation (Chandra Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Number Meditation (Sankhya Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Power Meditation (Urja Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Introspection Meditation (Atma Darshan Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Confidence Meditation (Atma Vishwas Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Insight Meditation (Sooksham Dhyanam) Bharat Yog Tratak Dhyanam Bharat Yog Mooladhaar Chakra Dhyanam Bharat Yog Swadisthaan Chakra Dhyanam Bharat Yog Manipur Chakra Dhyanam Bharat Yog Anahat Chakra Dhyanam Bharat Yog Vishudhakhya Chakra Dhyanam Bharat Yog Agya Chakra Dhyanam Bharat Yog Kundalini Dhyanam
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