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This is an independent section to publish books, newsletters and bring out audio and video CDs, DVDs on yog sadhna, yogic cure, sanskaar shiksha, cultural heritage and spiritual wealth.

Ashram Initiatives - Life Savers Unit

When you are depressed or feeling low, just one call/ visit to life savers unit of the ashram can help you to come out of the fuss and decorate you again with cheer and harmony all around you. Dedicated team of spiritual counselors is there to help and assist the sufferers.

Ashram Initiatives - Live Blood Bank

Blood donation is a wonderful service of Divine, and a drop of blood can infuse life to a dying man and bless his entire family with new smile. Started with just 42 disciples of Guru Ji in 1990, this Live Blood Bank has grown in to an army of devoted donors to serve the emergency requirement of sufferers without any discrimination of caste, color or creed.

Ashram Initiatives - National Integration

'Continuous Dialogue' is the solution of different problems. When there is no dialogue, there is a possibility of confusion and misunderstanding that grows in individuals and in the society. And rapidly changing circumstances further make the matters worse leading to new problems.
As the ultimate remedy, 'National Integration - New Responsibilities' lecture series was inaugurated in 1983 by the then President of India. On this initiative, he remarked "Circumstances are the best teacher and evolution of man is the result of growing challenges and rapid changes in circumstances. Circumstances inspire and compel us to go deep and bring out the best."

Through this, ashram has given a platform to people to sort out differences and discuss problems with open heart to bring out the best solution. Regular visits of eminent thinkers and orators have led youngsters to grow as a new team of thinkers and share the responsibility of great country and its culture. 

Ashram Initiatives - Rover Scouts Crew

"Sarv bhoot hite rateh" (living for others) is the code of love and peace. Guruji motivates youth to join scout movement, which, according to him, is the ultimate means for the world brotherhood because it is based on ten rules, which are 'five yamas' and 'five niyamas' of yog sadhna.

Ashram has a band of devoted servants of society always learning to enable themselves to prove worthy of service for humanity and Divine.

Ashram Initiatives - Cultural Wing

Today, when anti culture activities have become a threat to the sanctity of great Indian culture, it is the duty of the soldiers of cultural heritage and servants of the goddess of sanskriti to keep alive the flame of true culture.

Indian classical dance and music as declared by great Bharat Muni centuries ago in his Natya Shastra will always prove to be a sure source of joyful relief from pain and suffering. To keep the flame alive, the cultural wing of the ashram offers healthy entertainment and joy, leading to peace through cultural activities. 

It has worked to render relief to Tsunami victims in Indonesia and at the same time gained wide welcome in Iceland in the august presence of the Presidents of India and Iceland through heart touching performance of its classical dancers.

Dance choreography and solo presentation, theatre plays, dance dramas, poetic evenings, musical shows, bhajan sandhya etc. are organised on request.

Sanskar Shiksha Abhiyaan

This is a special initiative for the youth. It leads them to have an insight into our great cultural, moral and spiritual heritage and also motivates them to shape life in the light of great Indian philosophy 'One God and One Universal Family.' 

Under Sanskar Shiksha Abhiyaan, Sanskar Shivirs are organised, which aim to give young generation an atmosphere to learn and recollect their true face and have the pride of being the representative of great yog culture of India. These Sanskars have been designed by our ancient rishis to bring harmony at individual and social level and give a true meaning to human birth.

Training camps are organised for all 16 Sanskars, especially for children, youth and couples, who are preparing for their conjugal life and even for those who wish to move ahead. 

Ashram Initiatives - Yoga Center

Yoga Center are run under the Mokshayatan International Yogashram to propagate Indian science of Yog and benefit humanity at large with the nectar of perfect physical and mental health, moral and spiritual uplift of humanity without any discrimination.

Ashram Initiatives - Event Management

An autonomous unit of the ashram that conducts different events of yogic, spiritual, religious, patriotic, cultural and educational color on request. One may feel free and sure about the success of the event after handing over the event in the competent hands of ashram's management group.

Ashram Initiatives - Rashtra Vandana Mission

Rashtra Vandna Mission is headed by Mr Vidyarnav Sharma, who, besides a disciplined Police Officer, is a devoted patriot and the recipient of prestigious President's Medal. Still, a servant of humanity, a disciple and younger brother of Guru Ji, he is there to preserve the great heritage of patriotism and sacrifice, cultivate love for nation and gratitude for those, who sacrificed their present for our future ('Today' for our 'Tomorrow').

The Mission is entrusted with the task to bring out the following:
  • Rashtra Vandna Chowk and Rashtra Vandna Bhawan
  • Publish literature on patriotism and great sacrifices (Books, CDs, Pamphlets, Posters, Folders)
  • Seminars and cultural programs for national awareness in schools and colleges

Books 'Yug Ke Devta' and 'Amar Senani Tumhe Pranaam', audio tape and CD 'Azaadi ke deevane', historical Rashtra Vandna Bhawan at sikandrarau in district Hathras (UP) India and Rashtra Vandna Chowk at Bagpat city and Rashtra Vandna Dwars developed at important places are telling the stories of love for nation and great Indian culture of coexistence and great sacrifices made by Indian patriots. Mr Ashfaq Ullah Khan, S. Zorawar Singh, S. Kiranjeet Singh, Thakur Jagdish Singh, the ancestors of Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan and Thakur Roshan Singh and many more from different corners of this great nation have joined hands in this service to nation.

Bharat Yog 01

Bharat Yog is an honest effort to save the original form of yog science introduced by theRishis of Bharat to benefit the humanity without any discrimination of caste, colour, country as these Rishis have been looking at this entire universe as one abode Ayam nijeh paroveiti gannam laghu chetsaam,
Uudaar charitanaam tu vasudhaiv kutumbkam
(This is mine and this is others such discrimination is the thinking of shallow thinking people, for broad hearted ones this entire universe is one great family.

Yog, contrary to the common belief, is not just a set of physical and respiratory exercises. Yog is not only about asan, pranayam or bandh, mudra and meditation. Its sphere transcends the limits of physical health, beauty or mental solace. In fact, these are the natural outcome of yogic state of being. We are grossly mistaken if we try to confine it to just being an alternate therapy or just a source of health and longevity. There are examples that  Bhasmantmidam shariram -- the physical existence of a being concludes into Bhasma i.e. ashes -- may it be after burning or burying. Even the greatest of yogis of their times, may it be Lord Krishn, Janak, Ram Krishn Paramhans, Vivekanand, Swami Dayanand or many more, had to die.

Diseases free state of being beauty and longevity besides joyful state of mind is yog.  Sankhya yog darshana (Sankhya, a philosophy of yog) says,  Dukh trya abhighatad jigyasa tad apghatake heto (the increasing pains and sorrows in the life of modern man compelled him to think for some way out to get rid of these sorrows and the sure and only answer being  yog Entire world is attracted towards it as it does not only enable us to get rid of sorrows and sickness but blesses us with sanctity and spiritual bliss.
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