Kundalini And Chakras

Kundalini and Chakras

Kundalini is the most powerful, yet dormant source of energy in each and every human being coiled three and half times in deep slumber around swayambhu ling. To attend the kundalini classes is of utmost benefit for every individual.There are plenty of myths about Kundalini such as it is something mysterious and orthodox, but contradicting to it Kundalini is not at all a mystery. According to Yog Guru Bharat Bhushan ji, "Any individual who is extra ordinary and unbeaten in his field has awakened his kundalini or any of the chakra."

Aanahat Chakra

Situated in spine behind the sternum, level with the heart is the Anahat Chakra, the centre of unconditional love develops the feelings of universal brotherhood and tolerance once it has been activated and on the physical level cures the diseases related to heart and lungs, and circulatory and respiratory systems and is highly beneficial for the patients of anemia, hypertension, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and palpitations.

Vishuddh Chakra

Right at the back of the neck, behind the throat pit is Vishuddhi Chakra, the centre of purification proving the right understanding and discrimination where the dualities of life are accepted, allowing one to flow with life with joy and let things happen as they are. On physical level, activation of Vishuddhi Chakra governs the local cords and then thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Mooladhaar Chakra

Situated at the perineum and cervix in male and female body simultaneously, Mooladhaar Chakra is the lowest of all chakras and is the seat or dwelling place of Kundalini shakti. Mooladhaar Chakra is associated with the sense of smell and its activation results in the riddance from tensions true happiness, beauty, perfect health, physical strength and magnetic persona.

Swadisthaan Chakra

Directly behind the genital organs in the spine about two fingers' width above the mooladhaar Chakra is the Swadisthaan Chakra. It is associated with the pleasure through tongue and genital organs i.e. food and drink and interaction. Its activation results in the rectification of the disorders of the excretion and reproduction organs.
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