Mokshayatan International Ashram

Mokshayatan International Yog Ashram

Mokshayatan International Yog Ashram
"Shakti: Sanyam: Seva" (Power: Command: Service). It has been embarking on new horizons under his holy tutelage for over 30 years.

"Just to quote from a feature on Yog guru Bharat Bhushan ji by Interpid clareford published in popular journal Health and fitness from London in answer to question 'Where is your Ashram, your yog school?' Guru ji replied 'It is in your heart.'

Guruji never finds time to involve himself in developing huge buildings or big land as his ashram to provide comforts, but to teach the art of living in an available place may it be small or big and learn the art of finding comfort within you by developing your body as the best ashram where your association should be a source of eternal peace and comfort to others who come to you.

We are providing you with Yoga Teacher Training Center, Personal Yoga Training, Yoga Rehabilitation for the benefit of the whole society.

It was in the year 1973 that the foundation of Mokshayatan International Yogashram was laid at Saharanpur, the holy city of Ganga and Yamuna under the foothills of Himalyas. The main objective behind the setting up of such an ashram was not to establish a huge and commercial Ashram but to alleviate the sufferings of humanity through Yog Vidya and ultimately the kingdom of bliss consciousness to benefit young generation and public at large from across the globe.
It was named Mokshayatan International Yogashram because as per Guru Ji, "Moksh (perfection or liberation from sorrows caused by ignorance) Ayatan (expansion)" 'this ashram is not the destination but just a way to perfection and liberation from the bondages of ignorance.' Again he continued, "Mokshaya" (for salvation) "Tan" (human body)" 'this body is a means to attain salvation and not for being indulged in sensory gains only.'

Aim of Ashram

Aim of Ashram
Mokshayatan International Yogashram aims to lead the society and the individual to physical, mental and emotional balance and to cultivate and protect the great cultural and spiritual heritage of India through the great Indian science of Yoga.

It also aims to generate awareness among youth to new responsibilities and reestablishing the human values in the society through the centuries old learning system of 'shalas.'

Ashram has four Shalas
  • Pathshala - Educational Institute
  • Vyayamshala - Health Centres
  • Goshala - Serving and saving cows
  • Yajanshala

Pathshala - Educational Institute

According to Yog Guru Bharat Bhushan Ji children are true nation builders and if we succeed in shaping the young generation of a nation, we are doing a great service to nation and Divine as well. Ashram runs a novel school under yogic system with modern subjects of education. 
Ashram looks forward to give franchise of Nation Builders' Academy to those, who are committed to the cause of nation building.

Vyayamshala - Health Centres

'Swasthya Mandir,' gymnasium and Health Care Centres are run under the Mokshayatan International Yogashram, as the means of perfect health - physical fitness with intellectual, mental, emotional, social and spiritually balanced development of an individual.

Such Centres provide proper physical exercises in gymnasium under the care of yogic system for mental peace and diet discipline, leading to perfect health. 

Goshala - Serving and Saving Cows

Cow is not just a matter of religious faith of Hindus but it has been the strong foundation of our existence and that is the reason, cow is called the mother of all. India has been a country of cow based economy and it is relevant even today.

Yog Guru Bharat Bhushan Ji advocates the importance of four shalas (houses) - Vyayamshala, Gaushala, Paathshala and Yagyashala to develop our generation strong, cooperating, wise and devoted. He advocates the protection of cow wealth to make the country strong, cultured and awakened.


In today's context, daily sandhya & yagya play an important role in maintaining a pollution free environment. Application of Vedic system of living for growing harmony and regaining peace, prosperity and tranquility through Yagya is taught not only in Yog shivirs but also in schools run by the ashram. Yagya is the best way that symbolizes universal brotherhood and sense of living for others. Beside, the fragrance of yajan aahutis has refreshing effect on total health. 

Additionally, Vishwa Kalyaan Yagya and special yagya are conducted on auspicious occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, greh pravesh etc. 

Today, the Sadhna Peeth of Yogiraj Guru Shri Bharat Bhushan Ji has grown into a spiritually charged holy place to seek relief and get rid of sufferings and pains.

Ashram Initiatives

Ashram Initiatives
Life Savers Unit :
When you are depressed or feeling low, just one call/ visit to life savers unit of the ashram can help you to come out of the fuss and decorate you again with cheer and harmony all around you. Dedicated team of spiritual counselors is there to help and assist the sufferers.

Live Blood Bank :
Blood donation is a wonderful service of Divine, and a drop of blood can infuse life to a dying man and bless his entire family with new smile. Started with just 42 disciples of Guru Ji in 1990, this Live Blood Bank has grown in to an army of devoted donors to serve the emergency requirement of sufferers without any discrimination of caste, color or creed.

National Integration :
'Continuous Dialogue' is the solution of different problems. When there is no dialogue, there is a possibility of confusion and misunderstanding that grows in individuals and in the society. And rapidly changing circumstances further make the matters worse leading to new problems.

As the ultimate remedy, 'National Integration - New Responsibilities' lecture series was inaugurated in 1983 by the then President of India. On this initiative, he remarked "Circumstances are the best teacher and evolution of man is the result of growing challenges and rapid changes in circumstances. Circumstances inspire and compel us to go deep and bring out the best."

Through this, ashram has given a platform to people to sort out differences and discuss problems with open heart to bring out the best solution. Regular visits of eminent thinkers and orators have led youngsters to grow as a new team of thinkers and share the responsibility of great country and its culture. 

Rover Scouts Crew :
"Sarv bhoot hite rateh" (living for others) is the code of love and peace. Guruji motivates youth to join scout movement, which, according to him, is the ultimate means for the world brotherhood because it is based on ten rules, which are 'five yamas' and 'five niyamas' of yog sadhna.

Ashram has a band of devoted servants of society always learning to enable themselves to prove worthy of service for humanity and Divine.

Rashtra Vandana Mission :

Rashtra Vandna Mission is headed by Mr Vidyarnav Sharma, who, besides a disciplined Police Officer, is a devoted patriot and the recipient of prestigious President's Medal. Still, a servant of humanity, a disciple and younger brother of Guru Ji, he is there to preserve the great heritage of patriotism and sacrifice, cultivate love for nation and gratitude for those, who sacrificed their present for our future ('Today' for our 'Tomorrow').

The Mission is entrusted with the task to bring out the following:
  • Rashtra Vandna Chowk and Rashtra Vandna Bhawan
  • Publish literature on patriotism and great sacrifices (Books, CDs, Pamphlets, Posters, Folders)
  • Seminars and cultural programs for national awareness in schools and colleges

Books 'Yug Ke Devta' and 'Amar Senani Tumhe Pranaam', audio tape and CD 'Azaadi ke deevane', historical Rashtra Vandna Bhawan at sikandrarau in district Hathras (UP) India and Rashtra Vandna Chowk at Bagpat city and Rashtra Vandna Dwars developed at important places are telling the stories of love for nation and great Indian culture of coexistence and great sacrifices made by Indian patriots. Mr Ashfaq Ullah Khan, S. Zorawar Singh, S. Kiranjeet Singh, Thakur Jagdish Singh, the ancestors of Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan and Thakur Roshan Singh and many more from different corners of this great nation have joined hands in this service to nation.

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